8 Ways to Start Link Building for SEO

Link building for SEO is probably one of the hardest parts of SEO. SEO primarily comprises of two part and those are on page optimisation, and off page optimisation. When we’re working on your website and structuring your web pages for ranking purposes, this is on page SEO. When link building to linkback to your website, this is called off page SEO. Link building is more difficult because you do not have the control over the site your links will be displayed on. For this reason link building takes a bit more work, but pays off huge in the end.

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There are many ways you can link build but what you have to remember is, the quality of links are what is most important about any type of link building you will do. If you have poor quality links, more than likely the work that you have put in will go unrewarded. So doing this work properly is very important for you to receive the benefits that you’re expecting. Unfortunately the highest quality links are the hardest links to get.

If you could have government or universities websites pointing to your domain more than likely your website will be a hit regardless of the content or the information provided. But this is not what you’re looking for, what you’re looking for are relevant websites that are pointing to your domain in order to give you the back links you are looking for. You have to remember the quality of links you’re looking for, so with that information this site will start by listing different locations for you to build back links to your domain.

Here is 8 ways to start link building – listed in no preferential or importance order:

Purchase Links

You can buy links from different companies for a certain dollar amount, and what you need to consider is the better the link the more money it will cost. This sort has a negative effect, but done correctly, for instance paying to be on a local website, or a website within your industry which offers a paid for membership, then this is also classified as “paid for links”. It’s worth noting that paying for links is classified as a negative in Google and other search engines, so you need to be super careful over what you do and where. As an example, paying to be a member of a wedding directory if you are a celebrant is OK.

Asking for links

If you have visited different blogs that are relevant to your website or websites that you like you may want to ask if they can post a link to your site. This doesn’t always work but it is very effective when it does. You may know the people who own those website and may be comfortable with putting you as a supplier or reference.

Link Exchange Program / Link Swap

With this program you’re actually trading links with other individuals looking for links as well. You only want to exchange links with sites that are very popular and preferably connected to what your website offers. So a link back from an insurance company in Seatle, has nothing to do with a beautician in Ballajura. Perth. This is common between suppliers who work in the same industry and compliment each other without competing i.e a Wedding reception venue and a DJ.

Directory Registrations

With directory registrations you can register your website in a directory to get a link that points back to your site. This is very time consuming, but some directories are very popular with the search engines and this could possibly be a potential good source for backlinks. These aren’t as powerful these days as much as they used to be, so time needs to chosen carefully.

Article Submission

Submitting articles to article directories has been a favorite for many SEO experts and this builds very strong backlinks. Some article directories are very popular with search engines of all types, and for this reason this is a solid way to build very profitable backlinks. Having content around your links tells the search engines what the link-out is all about.

Press Releases

Writing press releases or having someone write a press release is very valuable to your website. Submitting press releases is very similar to submitting articles and in effect it works the same way. The difference is there are some websites that only take press releases. Once your article or news becomes popular, it will appear on many websites with lots of readers.

Viral Marketing

You can use some of the sites that are considered paid to post. What you need to watch out for here is how popular the site is with search engines. If they are not popular with the search engines you could possibly be wasting your money, so research is needed in this area.

Free Back Link Sites

There are some sites that are out there that will submit articles for you to create backlinks. These particular sites will use websites such as blogs or sites they have access to, and submit your articles to be posted with your backlinks already anchored.

These are only a few ways to start link building and if done correctly you would begin to drive targeted relevant traffic to your web presence. Link building takes a lot of time and a lot of experience to do it properly. If you have the time you will get the experience you need by beginning to learn the link building process.

You should be careful as far as how you build your links and where from, ask yourself – “would I trust this website?” and if you would then great, this trust factor is represented via Google’s page rank, Alexa’s ranking and general SERPS. If all figures line up to your expectation, then go ahead and link away for SEO. One with most relevant, high quality links wins.

In an ideal world speaking to your SEO Consultant will help you work out what is the best strategy for your business. The above list is part of an over all strategy and plan, and only makes up a part of the over all process.