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Writing articles and content for SEO

Article writing for SEO can be a difficult challenge for people that are unfamiliar with the process. There is a certain type of writing that needs to be done in order to place the keywords in specific locations in your article, and at the same time having your article make sense. This is a process known to many writers as, “blending.” This is blending words in an article and still making the article readable.

Have you ever searched for a keyword on the Internet, landed on a website and found an article that was completely unreadable? Believe it or not, some website owners call this SEO writing when in fact, it’s garbled. If you’re an article content writer the important part of writing SEO is to use the keywords in your article while telling a story that is not only informational but educational as well. There are a lot of SEO articles on the Internet today where much of it doesn’t make sense to people looking for information. This can become very frustrating and in fact, when arriving on one of the sites you will leave as quickly as you can.

Writing for SEO is very important for content providers and the writing should be professional as well as informational. Below in this article we will discuss important steps that will help article content writers in their quest for writing decent SEO material. If you understand the basics of article writing you’re halfway there, and the information provided below will help you incorporate SEO techniques into your basic everyday writing.

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Article Topic

Normally SEO writers will be provided a topic, and with this topic they can create an article. Really good writers will only need a single word and they can create an article that is very educational and informational. There are some writers that do not take advantage of the words they have been given and typically will just fill the article full of fluff. This is not the proper technique to use when writing good SEO content. Once you have your key word, subject, or topic you can began to formulate your article. Do not worry about the title, because many good writers will find the title after they’ve finished writing the article, unless otherwise suggested by the person purchasing the article.

Writing your article

Writing for many people is very difficult because as writers you will typically think that everything needs to be as perfect as possible as you are writing. This is not the case when you sit down to write 500 words in one sitting. The object is to get everything down on paper as quickly as possible, and once this is done, you can go through the article and make all the corrections that need to be made. Writing SEO content is not like writing an essay on the “The perfect article.” You’re simply writing about a subject that needs to be informational for the person that it is important to.

Placing your keywords

Many people have trouble with this area and the reason why is instinctively some words will fit in some sentences better than others. The honest answer to this is to make everything seem as though it were completely natural. You see, if you make the article read well and blend together, the key word placement, regardless of where it needs to be, will be unaffected in your article. So, understanding proper keyword placement is not as hard as understanding how to make it blend with the rest of the article. Granted, some key words are more difficult than others to work with, but you can work any type of a keyword into a sentence using proper English grammar.

Proofing and editing

This part comes after you’ve completely written your whole article, and requires re-reading the article and making the corrections that need to be made. Now this may sound easy but in reality it’s not, and the reason for this is after you’ve written maybe ten or twenty articles in one day, it becomes quite hard to proofread your own work. Just keep one thing in mind, and that is if you get to the point where you’re making mistakes when proofreading, have someone else read the article.

Article writing for SEO is not difficult, but for many, this is not something they would want to do. To stay consistent you need to keep your best foot forward, concentrate on your work, and keep writing content.

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