Crow Books – Victoria Park

Crow Books, wordpress website

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About the website:

Content Management is important for a bookshop as new stock arrives all the time.  This website has a the following great features:

  • Feature Sliding Banner
  • 4 Focus Buttons in sidebar (Currently Featured)
  • Top 5 news items displayed on the home page
  • 2 tier menu structure
  • Latest 10 releases in sidebar
  • Auto category listing
  • Search the website
  • Auto image resizing for thumbs

The whole website is managed by the client and can turn pages and news on and off as required.

Website Hosting:

In Perth by Good Good – naturally being in Perth and wanting Perth clients, hosting in your local city has it’s advantages for speed as well as search results.


The whole website is designed around being found for various books when searched for.

About Crow Books:

Crow Books is the newest addition to Perth’s book culture book shops owned and operated by Alan Sheardown who has an extensive amount of experience in bookshops in Australia.  This isn’t just a normal bookshop, Crow books offers books that aren’t common, so if you’re a after a book that isn’t found on a normal bookshelf, need a gift for a friend who deserves something different, then walking into Crow Books is the thing you need to do.