Directory Submissions for SEO

When engaging in real SEO planning, using directory submissions for SEO purposes may change the dynamics of your website visibility. Directory submission has been around for some time and because of its longevity, many developers will stand by its effectiveness. There are many different ways for using SEO and getting a website ranked, but using directory submission the right way can really anchor your site and provide benefits that have been completely overlooked by many.

When most people think about directory submission, they think about auto submitters that would automatically submit your site to places you couldn’t even pronounce. Today the procedure still works much in the same way except for the auto submission services. They are still available but if you talk to any SEO consultant, they will tell you that the only process that they use when using directory submission as part of the SEO method is to manually submit your information to multiple directories that are of value. That’s not to say that the auto submissions won’t help, it’s all about value.

There are reasons why this is very important but first let’s talk a bit about directory submission for those that need this explained to what it is. Submission directories will allow a website owner, or whoever is in charge of the promotional process, submit their website to a directory that is based on different categories. These categories are like any directory and based on what your website is all about, you will fall under one of these.  As an example Perth Listing is a Perth Business Directory.

Now what many site promoters would do in the past would be to submit a site to these directories with a simple name, URL, and some keywords if any. Once this was done they would re-submit this same information over and over again until they found their website listed on some directory site in Europe that had no relevance to what their site was about, and believe it or not that was OK for many site owners. At least they could point to something and say we did it, we’re on the web.

Now you can still do it like that, but why would you? If you are going to spend the time to submit information to a submissions directory, why wouldn’t you want to at least provide as much information as you could, so you could have a chance at web visibility as well as backlinks to your web presence? This is the main reason many developers and smart SEO consultants use these directories. If you take the time to submit the right type of information, you could create a very visible web presence as well as genuine backlinks that will pay off.

When using the submission directories for the reason of developing a well rounded SEO strategy plan, your focus will be on building some long lasting exposure for your website. To do this properly you will either hire an SEO consultant that provides this service, or you will do it yourself. If you are doing this procedure yourself, you will want to submit a complete information package about your website. You will submit information such as site name, URL, site owner, what it is, keywords, description and services offered and any other information for the directory that it may require.

Once you have filled out all of the information possible, you will follow the steps that are provided until you have completed the whole process. Once the process is completed what you have done is 3 things.

  • The first is you have submitted your site to a solid directory where it will stay and be a nice billboard sign about your site and services offered.
  • The second is it will provide the most valuable ‘free’ backlinks to your website, and over time you will receive traffic that is based on relevancy or people that are looking for information or services that your provide.
  • The third item of importance is indexing. Believe it or not the big search engines still look at directories, especially if the submission is done correctly and provides quality. Because of this, over a short period of time, and combined with the other key SEO components, you will slowly see your website’s rankings increase.

Now while this is happening you are still receiving traffic from your backlinks, you have directory presence, as well as indexing. Do not miss out on the power of directory submissions as part of your complete SEO strategy. Although most directories don’t carry a high quality link back to your website, they help in your website’s quickness in being cached.

Also, some directories charge to list you, some of these are worth doing, and the main purpose may be as your clients are going to that website for information about the services you offer.