Directory submissions for SEO

There are many benefits to directory submissions, and many people have completely missed the boat when it comes to directory submissions for SEO. The reason that many have missed the boat is because; in days gone by, directory submissions were the only solid way to get listed on a search engine. Years ago the plug was pulled on many directory submission listing and this was due to hundreds of thousands of bogus sites that sprung up that would guarantee millions of submissions and people would spend a lot of money and never getting listed anywhere.

That has all changed and there are some real advantages to directory submissions that many developers have just left at the waist side. First of all, when submissions are done they have to be done with extreme quality. You really get what you give nowadays, and if you submit poor quality to a directory, you will more than likely not gain any benefits at all. To get maximum benefits you will need to only focus on quality directory submissions. If you are not sure what that means, you may want to speak to an SEO consultant because this is a process that will need to be maintained and done correctly. If done the right way you will experience some of the benefits below.

Increasing search engine visibility

Directory submission is unique in the fact that if you have done a quality submission in the right type of directory, you website becomes familiar to the search engine and they begin to become aware of your site for all the right reasons and eventually your site will become indexed properly.

Website brand building

Quality directory submissions will almost insure that your website will allow people to find something interesting and identifiable about your product or service. This raises the brand equity and in no time at all you will find that your site is very popular.

Keyword targeting

Quality directory submissions will help immensely in keyword exploitation and this works really well when trying to get indexed. Most directories will target keywords in your content that can be very helpful in rankings.

Directory submissions and indexing

No matter what anyone tells you, directory submissions will still help you to get listed in the major search engines and the reason is, there is no better place to be when your site begins to get exciting. People already know how hard it is to get indexed on the big search engines but you can still achieve this by doing quality directory submissions.

Link popularity

The moment you begin your directory submissions you are creating link popularity. Link popularity builds very quickly and this also makes your links very visible to search engine bots that love to visit popular links.

There are a lot of developers and consultants that are taking advantage of these areas that many other developers have simply ignored. Directory submissions allow your site to be seen, your site will become known very quickly and this process will make your site a very sought after place to visit.

There are some things you will need to be aware of as far as the submission process. When you are working with directory submissions you will have to do them manually, now there are the auto submitters and to be very honest, don’t use them. You will need to do the process manually and this will allow you to be more specific in the quality of your submissions. The thing is it does take a good amount of time to do and if you don’t have the time, most likely it will not get done the right way.

You can hire the service of a professional to handle this for you because even though you do get through a series of directory submissions there is always work that needs to be done in this area. Directory submissions can help any website presence if done correctly, as long as the submitter focuses on quality rather than submitting just anything. If you are looking for results, which realistically are the focus, then this process needs to be done the right way and with consistency.

Directory Submissions are used as part of most SEO campaigns, but aren’t seen as high value inbound links. There are other ways of getting high quality links