Google and Bing SEO: How to Optimize a Website for Two Search Engines

Optimising a website for two different search engines such as Google and Bing can be rather challenging. Of course, each of the two search engines has its pros and cons and therefore it makes sense to have a good position on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) of the two search engine giants.

Google, the largest player in the search market, controls about 60 percent of the total search volume. Bing, on the other hand, is the third largest search engine, after You Tube. Optimising a website for Bing is a lot less competitive than optimising for Google. While it is okay for your optimization tactics to lean more towards one search engine, you can still optimize your site for both search engines by taking advantage of their similarities.

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Google and Bing SEO – The Similarities

When it comes to SEO, Google and Bing are quite similar. By understanding and implementing the similarities between the two engines, business owners can boost their ranking on the SERP. These similarities include:

Page Rank and Links are important

Both Google and Bing like to see quality back links pointing to a website. Internal links that help users to navigate a website are equally important.

Local Results

Both search engines deliver local results to users. Your SEO strategy should therefore involve creating focused content using location-specific keywords.

Paid Results

Google Adwords and Bing Adcenter both offer businesses the opportunity to advertise on the Search Engine Result Pages, as they continue to work on improving their SEO.

Domains names influence page rank

Google and Bing both consider the domain name when assigning page rank. Including a keyword that is related to your product or service in your domain name is a great way to improve your page rank.

Implement the above aspects of SEO first and once you have them under control, you can begin to explore other aspects of Google and Bing SEO. This is especially important if you would like to implement more than one SEO tactic simultaneously.

Google and Bing SEO: The Differences

As a result of the differences between Google and Bing, the same search term will yield different results depending on which of the two search engines you are using. Businesses can take advantage and benefit from these unique differences between the two search engines.


On Google, high quality forums that are free of spam can rank high on the result pages. Forums have even been known to show up on the first page.

Bing, on the other hand, isn’t particularly fond of forums. It is estimated that 90% of forum pages appear further down on Bing result pages than on Google result pages.

Web Page Authority and Domain Age

On Google, having high quality backlinks is more important than having an old domain. While one could argue that older domains naturally have more, high-quality backlinks pointing to them, this isn’t always true. Also, Google has no preference for .edu and .gov websites. The only reason these websites rank high on Google is because they usually contain volumes of useful information and people are more likely to click on them and link back to them.

Bing appears to favour older domains and websites with .edu or .gov extensions.

Ambiguous Searches

When you search for an ambiguous term on Google, the most popular websites will appear at the top of the search results. Simply put, Google loves brands.

However, when you search for an ambiguous term on Bing, local results will appear at the top of the search results.

In the example below, a search for “Sydney pizza Cambridge park” is ambiguous since it could either mean you are searching for a business called “Sydney Pizza” in Cambridge Park or pizza outlets in Cambridge Park, Sydney. Google’s search results focus more on brands such as Dominos while Bing’s results focus more on local pizza places.

Google Search

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Bing Search

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Flash Content

Webpages that are made with flash do not rank well on Google.

Bing, on the other hand, likes flash webpages and ranks them much higher than Google.

Matching Keywords

Google understands the context and synonyms of keywords and thus, allows website owners to be a bit more creative with their content.

However, on Bing, you must use keywords verbatim so as to rank well for them.

The above list only includes the main differences between Google and Bing SEO which are likely to affect your page rank. Note that it is possible to rank high on both search engines at the same time. For instance, using both verbatim and long-tail keywords is a great SEO tactic.

However, there are cases where you may need to focus on either Google or Bing depending on the nature of your website. For instance, if your site is largely a forum, you are better of optimising it for Google.

You can also read more about SEO Advise or you can contact me and I can conduct a personalised SEO training session for you or your business.  I cover 2 sides, the user as well as how to optimise your website for best SEO. The above is a basic overview and there are much more factors that control your position in search engines.