Kathryn Sturrock – Wedding Celebrant in Perth

kathryn sturrock, wedding celebrant in Perth

Website URL: www.kathrynsturrock.com.au

CMS: WordPress (naturally)

SEO: Yes of course.  Strategy not public knowledge.

Website Hosting: in Perth by Good Good

About the Website:

Kathryn being a wedding celebrant will be conducting wedding ceremonies all around Perth and her website will showcase her work and style.  It was imperative to design a website that will showcase her for the amazing person that she is and the high quality of service offered.  Kathryn’s website shows and educates the upcoming bride with all the information that is needed, so Kathryn’s job is a lot easier when she meets with the couples.

A secure section also exists to give Kathryn a choice to send her clients to so they can download confidential information securely.

Key Website Features:

  • Rotating Photo gallery on home page
  • Blog updates via Twitter
  • Auto New blog posts updates to Twitter
  • Full content management
  • Random Banner image
  • Photo Gallery
  • 2 tier menu structure
  • Very SEO friendly website
  • Social media links
  • Secure section for clients to log into
  • Website is fully managed by client

About Kathryn Sturrock:

Kathryn is a new wedding celebrant in Perth, although she has been to many weddings and has an extensive career in humanities, her natural style and approach will complement anyone’s wedding ceremony.

Testimonial from Kathryn

I first heard about Peter and his agency, Good Good, from another Celebrant who had nothing but praise for Peter and his business. I then heard Peter speak about his business at a meeting. I attend many meetings and hear people gives talks, so I am not easily impressed, but I certainly was this time. Peter obviously had extensive knowledge of his subject, and had pitched his talk accurately for the people who were present at the meeting; celebrants, not IT type people. He not only knew about the subject but was very honest about what he could provide, and the cost of that.

I arranged to meet Peter about two weeks later, and have meet him once again since. Most of our communication is by email or phone, which suits me very well, because I work four days of the week, plus have the Wedding Celebrant business. Peter is at all times professional in his communication, honest, warm and sincere and his work is of a very high standard. I am very pleased with the look of my website and the work that has gone into the set-up side of it. Peter is teaching me how to add content, how to write blogs, and how to manage the website myself, (only to a point, he will be the one who does all of the SEO work), so I am not dependant on his skills and knowledge forever, and of course not parting out money to him for that length of time either.

I have no doubt that the investment in time and money that I have made, to engage Peter’s services, will more than pay for itself.

Kathryn Sturrock – Wedding Celebrant in Perth