Key Words in META don’t matter in Google for SEO

If you are spending loads of time entering lots of key words in your meta tag “Keywords” you may want to use your time a bit more useful and spend more time on content. In short, Google doesn’t use the “Keywords” meta tag in its search engine to classify where your website will rank in its Search Engine Results Page (SERPs -)

That’s not to say that other search engines don’t use the “Key words” Meta Tag – Google doesn’t.

So what are some of Google’s items it looks at:

  • Good original content
  • Good well structured title meta tag relative to the content
  • Good Description meta tag content
  • Did I mention good original content?
  • Proper image naming

There are around 200 items that Google looks at when caching your website to determine where it will be in the results (SERPs), we as SEO Consultants are aware of a number of them, but Google doesn’t release this magic list nor how it uses them.  We have proven tests that allow us to see what is important and apply them for our clients.