Link Farming is not good

In Google’s eyes and other search engines for that matter, Link Farming is a big no no, as this is creating links in a non-natural manner. You can take a look at the explanation on Wikipedia’s website of link farming.  The reason that I thought I’d explain this practice is that I’ve had a few customers this year who have come on board and after looking through their existing websites and code, I found pages on their websites that they didn’t know existed with links to other websites that they weren’t connected to.

In short, getting links to your site is great, a link to your site is a vote in saying you are a good site, and search engines love this.  Getting a link from a known link farm will more than likely get your website slapped and out of the index so you won’t come up in search results until you’ve fixed the issues.

What also needs to be brought up here, is lets say that you do get a link from another site, and you link back to them, each link equals itself out, so the benefit isn’t as great as it seems.

On top of this, there is an ethical issue here where the customer has no knowledge that their SEO company is using their website to artificially attempt at lifting their profiles.  This may have a negative net result on your website, as your site may be seen as part of a link farm.

I have never practised this and do not agree with it. How ever, two businesses who are in a similar arena swapping links is a great idea as both will feed of each other’s traffic, but if you are in the plumbing industry in Perth, why would you swap links with an insurance broker in Texas and a tow company in Ballarat?  Google sees these things – it’s called relevance.

Here is Google’s view on artificial link creation: Link Schemes Pay attention to the 3rd bullet point:

don't participate in link farms