Magento eCommerce CMS

Magento eCommerce CMS is a professional open-source CMS solution that offers excellent control and flexibility over your websites and stores. The purpose of Magento is to provide an easy-to-use ecommerce platform for merchants to successfully run their businesses online. There are a few different versions available which makes it really nice for any business regardless of size to take full advantage of everything this software has to give. In order to understand why Magento eCommerce CMS is so popular, you’ll need to know a little bit more about what makes it so special.

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Marketing Tools and Promotions

If you’ve been in business for any amount of time you are probably familiar with words like up-sell, cross-sell, promotional sales, discounts, bundling products, and a wide variety of others that help to sell your products in an off-line sales environment. These features have all been incorporated into the Magento eCommerce CMS which allows you to maximise on each and every opportunity when it comes to selling your products. Flexible coupons, customer groups, and percent discounts have all been built into the back office of the software which will enable you to create any type of promotional opportunity you can think of.

For the marketing aspect of Magento you will find that there are many different tools built-in to this platform that simply need to be optimised in order to market your products and services. You will be provided newsletter management so you can stay in contact with the customers that have been purchasing products on your website. All of these options are available and can be used by simply having a proper development team optimize each of these areas.

Reporting and Analytics

You will have access to a complete administrative dashboard that will provide reports on every single aspect of your ecommerce website. You will also be provided reports on abandoned shopping carts where customers have almost gotten to check out and have completely abandoned the sale. You will find out if this pertains to a certain product you’re providing, or if there is a problem with your setup and checkout system. You will have access to reports that tell you who the best customers are, the total number of sales, the hottest selling products, and the number of orders that have been completed in minutes, hours, weeks, and months.

Full SEO

When it comes to optimising Magento you will be provided many different tools such as URL rewrites, auto generated site maps, search engine friendly URLs, landing page tools for multiple campaigns, popular search terms pages that have been auto generated, as well as meta-tag information for categories and products within your website.

Full Website Management System

If you’ve been looking for efficient management, Magento offers a very easy user interface that once it’s been set up can be used by anyone that has complete access. You can manage all stores that have been included in the system which can also be local or international. You will also have the options for one click upgrades, customer groups, multilingual setup and support, content merging and staging, and a 100% customizable design that will effortlessly integrate templates of your choice.

Full Checkout Service

Check out has been simplified to a one-page checkout system that allows your visitor to get in and get out with zero complications. Easy navigation menus have been incorporated throughout Magento making it very easy for someone to select, add to cart, proceed to checkout, and pay for their item, in the least amount of steps possible. They also have the option of being a guest, or an account holder throughout the process. They are also provided shipping options which allows them to purchase an item and ship it to multiple addresses within their order.

If you have truly been looking for an eCommerce solution that gives you full control over every aspect of your eCommerce business, Magento eCommerce CMS provides everything you need and much more. Each version of Magento provides something a little different for each business; however, regardless of the size of your business each CMS can be tailored to your specific needs. Before selecting a version of Magento that may seem right for your business, you’ll want to contact a professional Magento developer that can walk you through the complete process.

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