Naming your images for SEO

Naming your images correctly will make a difference to search engines (google, yahoo , bing etc), in short, search engines can not read images, they have no way of interpreting what is presented in front of us.  A search bot is not a human and does not have eyes.

So how do you show a search engine what its looking at?

  1. Use a proper file name that describes the image – i.e. “green-car-01.jpg”.  I used a numeral at the end of the image name, as I may have another green-car in my list of cars on my website.  Putting a number at the end is the easiest way to split them up.
  2. Use hyphens to separate words in the image name as listed above. The Hyphen will tell the search engine that its has another word to deal with.  Using spaces in your website for file names is not within web standards.
  3. Use a proper ALT tag to describe the image, keeping this short and down to around 4 words is best.  Keep the ALT tag short and sweet. Also, if you have multipe images on the same page, try to give them different ALT tag values.
  4. Use a proper descriptive TITLE tag ie. TITLE=”green car on our lawn at home”.  Titles are used by some image display tools, these can be longer than the ALT tag.  Not a necessary attribute but recommended.

Having your images/photos/graphics named correctly will also have you included in search engine image libraries.  This is great as people search images for specific items.