New Google Algorithm

Google has recently changed it’s algorithm in the way that it serves up results.  The main change is that it is after high quality content. If your website has:

  • Original content
  • useful content
  • adds value to the reader

Then your results should be positive it not effected at all.  On the other hand if your content was full of useless content with no value to the user you would have experienced a drop.

I’m delighted to say that all of our client’s sites have not dropped in any positions. Our SEO methods are within Google’s guidelines and this once again has paid off.

search Google

You can read more about the new release on Google’s Blog.

There has been a lot of “just content” website trying to trick Google’s algorithm, but this has finally been addressed.

So how to get a high quality site? simple – Have good quality original content that people would like to read and use. Don’t forget we all use the web and search for “stuff”, Google wants to present the most relevant information to you.