On Page SEO Meta Data Basics

Some SEO Meta Data basic things that you’ll have on your web page will be Title, Description and Key Words, plus content/text.I’ll explain the Meta Data in this article and the important aspects for SEO.

Search Engines use Meta to work out what your web page is about, and Meta means data about data.  So this part of any SEO page writing process is important.

Lets describe these three Meta Data attributes of a web page.


One of the most important aspects of a web page, all search engines use this and quantify your website for what the page is about. Please note that all search engines rank pages and not websites, so you need to consider this when you are building your website up with content. Keep this shot and sweet, but not too short. Having just one word in your title wouldn’t be appropriate. Keep it between 3 to 5 keywords in your title. Also, Google displays around 3-5 keywords or less than 70 characters.


2nd most important part of your web page, this is meta data is also displayed in search results page, so keep this on-topic is important. You should keep this down to less than 160 characters. Most search engines don’t display any more than that in their results, that doesn’t mean they don’t read the info, but the user won’t see it.
When a person is searching for something, and your website is ranked the key word will be bolded, and this will draw attention to the reader and hopefully give them enough confidence to click though to your website.


I’d say the least important of aspects on your website, and Google have publicly announced that it doesn’t use this meta in its results. This doesn’t mean that other search engines don’t use it. For safe keeping, you should always still include some key words that are on-topic with your website. Key words are not shown in search results.

A typical Google Search Engine screen shot.

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