Open Source Content Management Systems

Your CMS (Content Management System) with Good Good – Web Development & On Line Marketing is free, that’s right we don’t charge for for the CMS.  How can we provide a free CMS? Simple: we use and embrace Open Source Technologies.  All of our websites are developed using either WordPress or Joomla, both CMS’s are free to use and have hundreds of ways of extending the application to it fit your unique website development requirements.  Naturally we would plan what is required and how to use it.

Both of these CMS’s have their advantages, and we will discuss the pros and cons of both with you once you’ve decided that you would like to work with us on your website development.

Links to the two main open source CMS’s Home pages are:

Wordpress Open Source CMS Joomla Open Source CMS

WordPress CMS

Joomla CMS

So what are you paying for when you have your website developed by Good Good? Our web business strategy, website online marketing, design services, content writing, project management, website development (coding), adding in functionality, web standards compliance,