PPC vs Organic SEO

Being in SEO I get asked all the time about what is the difference between SEO and PPC.

So, lets define the difference.

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, and this is the task of optimising your website for organic results within Google, Bing and other search engines. Without getting technical, this is achieved by:

  • Optimising your website and all its pages for your key words
  • Ensure your website is technically well developed
  • Your website has a proper menu structure and pages
  • Back links are established

So with regard to Organic SEO your website pages will come up in the normal search result set. It’s not pure luck that certain website are coming up above all others all the time, this is based on their website being most relative to the subject that people are searching for.

Each page on your website needs to be optimised to fit into your overall strategy and keywords. You can’t expect that your home page will be the main and only page that will come up in search engines for all the key words that you require.

Having a fast performing website that follows web standards will also make a difference to the results that it gets. Search engines are built around using webs standards, so if your website uses a messy CMS or your code is antique or heavy it will make a difference in where it ranks. Not to mention that if your website does not follow web standards search engines will not be able to crawl it properly.

Your menus structure tells search engines what your website is about. It’s also important to ensure that your site has a good menu that is visible to the search robots. Having a website built in Flash won’t help this as search engines can’t access flash.

It’s also worth knowing if your website has been well optimised it will be visible not just in Google, but also in other search engines.  Assuming that your website will perform equally in all search engine is wrong, as this is not how things work. Each Search Engine has its own algorithm of ranking and rating.

Back links, this is critical to any online success. But how, when, what and where are the key questions that your SEO consultant will answer. It’s definitely not as easy as “I’ll get some links from my mates” links need to be built into your overall SEO strategy.

Organic SEO Consultant Perth

Organic SEO Consultant Perth Results

PPC is Pay Per Click is for your position to exit via the form of paying, hence Pay Per Click. The main thing to notice here is that once your monthly budget is met, you no longer will appear, plus you need to have your advert in as many search engines as you can get into to be visible across the whole spectrum of your clients.

To keep things simple, I’ll use Google as a base, but same principals apply for Yahoo and Bing. Each advert’s position is based on the amount they are willing to spend to be there, so the one with biggest bid gets the highest place.

Pay Per Click is great when you want to get some quick runs on the board, as you will be placed on the page as soon as you hit the button, there are no delays. The main limit is that you are only visible as long as your budget is still there. The more people click on your paid for advert, the quicker your budget will run out. So if there is a demand for your product or service, you will run out of your budget quickly.

PPC may appear to be cheaper to start with irrespective of your budget, but as time goes on or as you get more traffic, organic SEO is the best way to work with as no matter how many people click on your website, your cost is no more or less.

PPC Google results Consultant Perth

PPC Google results SEO Consultant Perth

Having organic SEO applied for your website will keep your position in place no matter how much traffic is coming to your site. This isn’t to say that SEO is a do and forget part of your online marketing and presence, it’s a much cheaper way of getting loads of traffic and for multiple key words.

We at Good Good specialise in Organic SEO for your website, as well as web design and development using WordPress CMS. PPC is a small part of the solution and we strive to educate our clients to be self sufficient in their SEO future via the means of education and training.