Premium WordPress Themes

You can have a website developed for you and this can be done including a pre-designed WordPress Theme so the development cost will be reduced. WordPress is a CMS – Content Management System that is widely used and has a lot of options for it.  Our option is to consider Premium WordPress Themes every time.

Upgrading a theme in WordPress CMS

WordPress is very flexible and can handle easy theme integration and swap over of themes, so if you want to start with something simple and then upgrade to a theme that is more feature rich, then it’s pretty easy. You don’t have to upgrade your whole CMS to just upgrade your look and feel, it’s as simple as downloading the new theme, and then clicking a mouse 4 times to see the new design. One thing you will have to do is configure the theme, and each one has a different amount of customisation that can be done to it.

Upgrading WordPress CMS

WordPress is also great when it comes to upgrades, you can upgrade your CMS without doing any design changes. So if you have a custom theme, then it’s a very easy task to keep up to date with your CMS. As WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System it is continuously upgraded, both for security and features. Keeping it up to date, it makes good practice to upgrade it whenever a new version is available. And as mentioned, your design and features aren’t effected as the way that WordPress is architected ensures that the CMS source is split away from the design.

Free WordPress Themes

There are a lot of Free WordPress Themes that are available to download. Most of these are basic in design and features and most of the time need to have the designers’ footer and link left in it for you to be able to use it for free.
You also need to be aware that some of these free themes cannot be upgraded or changed in any way, so you need to be considerate towards to this.

In most cases, if all you are after is a basic blog then a free WordPress Theme should be enough

Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Themes are a much better way to go when it comes to a new websites. Having a professionally designed and developed theme will make your life a lot easier when it comes to using and expanding the website.
Most premium WordPress themes have a configuration page that will turn some features on and off. So you don’t need a developer to add new functionality like turning on a rotating image banner or recent post in the sidebar, or even a promotional ticker, but all that depends on what your theme is capable.

Price of Premium WordPress Themes

Yes, WordPress Themes cost some money but they are a significant amount better than the free ones. The cost is normally minimal and in most cases it’s less than 100 dollars. You will be able to control a lot of the theme’s features and turn things on and off. In some cases you are also provided with multiple templates page types, so if you can have text content pages, photo pages, contact form and other specific page types.

Premium Themes also have good clean code, and in most cases SEO friendly too, so you don’t have an abundance of random code polluting the HTML. Clean CSS what is cross browser compatible is also experienced in Premium WordPress Themes.

Plugins for WordPress

There is a very large amount of plugins for WordPress.  Plugins are extensions to the CMS or additional functionality, so if you wanted to add in a gallery to your website, it’s easy, and in most cases it’s free too. There Premium WordPress Plugins too, these offer a lot more functionality or are built for specific business requirements.  For instance the Gravity Web Forms premium plugin for WordPress is the best forms tool that you can get, there is plenty of extensions for it, so you can integrate it with other tools like email marketing, and the creation of the forms is super easy. A  drag and drop facility for new form fields makes it very easy for the non-developer to create custom intelligent forms.

Summary of Premium WordPress Themes

If I’m developing a website that requires an existing WordPress template, I only consider and offer a Premium Worpdress Theme. It’s a small price to pay for the significant value and benefits that you’ll get from having a cheap website developed. In most cases 50% of the development time is spent on design, so if you can cut that part of the process out, your costs will be significantly less.

Premium Worpdress Themes are  a cheap way of getting a premium web design for you with full of features. Doing some basic research or discussing this with your developer will reduce your overall costs of your new web design.

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