Is SEO Enough for a Website SEO Strategy?

An SEO Consultant does a lot more than you may know

It’s common knowledge that SEO is needed for any business to have any chance of success. Ranking well organically is critical to any business, but being on top -is this the only important thing? Engaging an SEO Consultant for your work is much more than link building, realising this will ensure your on-line marketing strategy is planned out and taken care of. Thinking outside the box is the key to your success and competitive advantage.

Some other web marketing options you should to consider include:

  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Content on your Website
  • Website User Experience
  • Email List Capture
  • Social Bookmarking

Planning your SEO Strategy with your SEO Consultant

Considering all options will be a task finalised with your SEO Consultant, where he/she will explain benefit of each strategy and see if it fits in. Although a consultant will know on-line, they won’t know all about your business and your current clientele. This task of discovering who is your client will present some options that will apply to your business.

Some more detail about a few on-line marketing strategy options:

Social Media

Links to your social network need to appear on your website. Links to Facebook, Linked In, YouTube and Twitter are very common. Although you may not use or be active in each and every one of these networks, some of your clients will be active in some of them. You don’t know this, but they may want to recommend you to their network and this will result in a positive return for you. One key thing to understand here is that your customers and prospects will be more active in areas that you may not think is highly used. What a CMS like WordPress can do for you is to feed these networks with your content automatically, so it’s easy to have a busy profile without doing anything more than adding content to your own website.

website social networks

Website Design

When people land on your website, they need to see that you are a professional company. No good sending people to your site and when they land they think that your website was built back in 1980’s and they then assume that you are not in business or don’t care about your web presence, not to mention out of date content.

eMail Marketing

Keeping in touch with your clients and prospect is important and letting them know what is happening is more powerful than most people realise. When you update your website, sending an email letting people know with a snippet of information of what is new will generate traffic to your website to read more about it. Newsletters these days need to be short and to the point with a short description to entice people to click on links back to your website. Aweber is an email application commonly used, but there are plenty of options.

email marketing softwareContent on Your Website

One of the most important aspects when it comes to your user and SEO, without this you don’t have a website. Your content has to be informative and to the point, there has to be substance to your content. People will read through your site and more pages if you have good precise content. There are some basic standards that you should follow which include a proper structure and usage of pictures or video.

Website User Experience

Things like navigation, content and web page speed will make a difference to your user’s experience on your website. No one likes to sit there and wait while your website loads too long or sit there and try to figure out what to click on to get their information that they came to see. Easy to read content is also critical, being able to quickly scan a page to see if it’s worth reading further is also important, you can improve web page load speed by having well optimised graphics. Your content can be structured with a proper introduction and bullet points to tell the user what the page has to offer.

Email List Capture

Keeping in touch with your clients and prospects is important as people will listen to what you have to say, so having a form on your website to capture their details is important. So when you have something to offer to your audience, you can send them all an email and they will come to your website and read more about it. Depending on your website and industry selling through email may or may not be the best thing, so offering information, and if they want more they can click to read more applies. So if you had a special to offer, send them all an email with a brief description and even maybe the price, enticing them to click to read more on your website.  You can capture emails using Aweber

Social Bookmarking

As people move from computer to computer and also for ease of access, they can bookmark your website on various “Social Bookmarking” websites. This can also be shared with their friends via Facebook and other Web2.0 properties.

social bookmarks website marketing

So as you can see an SEO Consultant is not just link builder nor simple task, knowing all aspects of on-line media is critical. Having a great relationship with your SEO Consultant and being open about what you’d like to achieve will result in a net benefit for your website and your business online.

A personalised strategy for your business needs to be considered. Not all avenues will result in a great response and allocating time to the strategy that will provide best results is the key. Also, expecting an instant or quick response will lead to disappointment, if you are after a quick response with your on-line marketing, then PPC (Pay Per Click) is your option, bearing in mind that this only lasts as long as your budget is there and you’ve covered all desired keywords correctly.

Engage a professional SEO Consultant who can design a SEO Strategy to suit your web business and you will see traffic and build a rock solid foundation for your business online.