SEO Consultant

Many small- and medium-sized business owners ask themselves whether they actually need to hire a professional SEO consultant. The answer, put simply, is yes, they absolutely do. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing online market, everyone can benefit from working with an SEO consultant. Whether you have created your website for business or pleasure, whether you are a spare-time blogger, a tiny home-based business or a huge multinational corporation—having a professional SEO consultant aboard can help you in many ways.

Expert Implementation

No matter how tech-savvy you are, if you are not experienced and trained in SEO, you will simply never achieve the results that a professional dedicating their working life to this industry will. You may know what to do (link building, keyword targeting, social media, etc.), but do you know how to do it? Instead of spending precious time trying to figure out how to put into practice what you have been told or read about online, leave it to the experts. Putting your website in the hands of a capable SEO consultant will leave you time and energy to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Superior Link Development

Link building may sound simple, but there is a lot going on in the background that many are not aware of. Creating links to your site involves correct identification of the different types of links on the web, analysis of what your competitors might be getting that you’re not, and an understanding of what links are most important for you. This is all before any type of strategy is put into place to get those links. It is not impossible to do it yourself, but it is tricky and very, very time-consuming (So beware those fishy companies that promise you 10,000 links in one month! It sounds too good to be true because it IS). In addition to having connections that you might not be able to gain yourself, a professional SEO consultant has the low-down on which links work better for your site or industry, and has the time to devote to getting them. If you’re running a business, when do you have the time to focus on link building?

The Latest Strategies

What gives SEO consultants the edge—if you need any more convincing—is that their entire lives revolve around SEO. To keep up to date, they need to be one step ahead. This means that as well as implementing the best strategies available for your business right now, part of their minds are already thinking about what will be happening six months or two years down the line. Finding an SEO consultant who can help you keep your website dynamic as practices evolve is one of the best moves you could make.

SEO Consultant

It’s About More than Key Words

SEO is going to transform your presence on the web for the better—whether you are a fledgling business, an established firm, or a blogger. An SEO consultant will help you move your website in the right direction by implementing strategies that are proven to direct more traffic to your site. When you start your search for a SEO consultant, choosing the right company may seem like a daunting task, but keep your ultimate goal in mind.

Start by researching SEO companies online, and contact those that spark your interest. Take your time over this stage. Feedback from others is always good, if you know anyone else who has had a positive experience with an SEO consultant. Try to interview potential candidates in person—thanks to Skype, you can chat face-to-face with someone no matter where they are based. If you can actually meet in person over a cup of coffee, that’s great. Otherwise, speak on the phone and ask as many questions as you need to. The consultant should be happy to go into detail about the different services and packages on offer, and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for clarification of something you don’t understand. If you find companies who offer more than simply SEO (such as online marketing, content creation, and web design), this could be a great opportunity to build a package of different services, which often works out significantly cheaper than hiring separate companies for each role. Even if you don’t need design or marketing right now, who knows what you will require further down the line? Give yourself room to grow!

Check that the consultant is willing to provide you with all the details (passwords, past efforts, resources, etc) that you need to carry on with the SEO efforts yourself, should the time come that you want to change consultants or cancel your service. Additionally, try to find a consultant who provides status reports.

There isn’t a business out there at the moment that couldn’t do with an SEO company which can assist with their results, it’s common these days for companies to simply have a website, but what you need to have is a well optimised website with an SEO strategy applied to provide a steady flow of traffic. Web users go online to help with their decision making process via research, and if your site doesn’t come up for a collection of key words (long and shot tail), you should reconsider what you have, as  a static brochure is only good for dust collecting. We all have some sort of coloured pages book propping up our monitor, feet or doorway, but it’s the web and a search engine that provides us with results that we are looking for.

With the aid of both smart phones like iPhone, Blackberrry, Android etc and smart pads like the iPad, we can search while out and about. It’s a matter of time before we will simply speak into our device and results will come up – Google is already doing this successfully via their Google App on the iPhone.

In summary, having an SEO Consultant on your side will ensure that you have your website in check and well optomised.