SEO Packages

SEO Packages are based on 2 options:

  1. Initial SEO Strategy and Implementation
  2. On going SEO Maintenance

SEO Strategy and Implementation

Your business website will require an SEO Strategy conducted on it, this is either if your website is newly built or existing.

The SEO strategy will show a plan to what will be done to have results. The work carried out is not just Meta data adjustments.

  • Key Word Analysis Report
  • Recommended SEO Key Word Plan
  • Competition Report
  • Website Changes Action Plan (Meta, Content, Attributes)
  • Paid for Link Building Plan
  • Free Link Building Plan
  • Multi Site SEO approach
  • SEO Content building plan
  • Multimedia SEO

SEO Maintenance

Search Engine Optimisation is a task that needs to be kept up and done on a regular basis, it’s not something that you do once and forget about it.  All of our clients are required to go onto a 6 month plan (at least) to maximise our work that we do initially.

On an ongoing basis, we would update your site, tweak the site to keep in line with what your web traffic requires.

As each website is of a different nature, different competition level, and each client has a different requirement of aggression, so we will require to provide you with a estimate of cost based on these 3 variables. For some of our on-line clients they are 100% reliant on their website to perform and they require a lot of work each month, this will naturally cost them more.  Please note that we work with our clients and ask them to be involved with our work, so we all work together, this will reduce your cost and we will achieve better results over time.  It is our intention to educate our clients with what needs to be done, this way we can have a compounding effect when we work together as  a team.