SEO Terms

SEM – Search Engine Marketing, this includes PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising or  adverts on other websites

SEO – optimising your web content  for search engines.  Making all that you have visible and accessible and best understood by search engines.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

White Hat SEO – Optimisation within the guidelines of Google and other search engines.  Takes longer to get results but are long lasting.

Black Hat SEO –  Don’t follow rules of search engines. May get some quick results, but will eventually lead to a drop off if not banning.

URL – this is your website address. i.e

Landing Pages – a page that is topic centric and relates to what the searcher is searching for. Good content is here.

Meta Tags/Data – data about data. It’s inside your website’s HTML. Not as important as it used to be.  Ie. Title, Description, keywords. Used to show in results, but doesn’t impede on your rankings.

Back Link – a link from another website back to yours.

Link Farms – A collection of website owned by 1 person who sells/provides links to a website or many.

Spider / Robot – a piece of software that trolls the web and follows links and collects information about what it found and provides these back to the search engine.

Crawling – the task that a spider does, it crawls all the pages. With links from other websites it will crawl over to another one and collect more data.

Page Rank – a measurement by Google of how important/authoritative your webpage is.

Web Page – a page on a website

Artificial Link Building – when you pay for links and they are there purely just for sakes of the link and don’t add value. Link Farms offer artificial link building.