Submitting your website to Bing and Google

If you’d like to manually submit your website to Google and Bing, you can. Here are the links to do so:

Google website submission:

Bing website submission:

Before submitting your website, you’ll need to ensure that it’s set up and has content.

You may also find that both search engines will find your website anyway, and this in most cases is better than you telling them that you exists. So next time you have a website launched, get a link from another popular website back to yours and both search engines will look at it.

Don’t forget to have:

  • sitemap.xml
  • robots.txt (if you want the search bot not to catalogue certain pages)
  • meta data (title, description, key words)
  • google analytics
  • some good content and relevant to meta
  • all your ALT tags are in place
  • all your images are named correctly
  • H1 – H6 tags correctly
  • don’t have loads of flash
  • don’t have loads of large sized images/graphics

Hope this helps.