Types of Links

In SEO Link Building is part of the overall strategy to build a higher profile in search engines (PR – Page Rank). There are different types of links that you can apply to your Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.

Overall, all link building activities need to be monitored and measured to ensure you get high quality links back to your website. You can use internal links to help navigate the user to targeted content, and show search engines what content is where based on key words.

Below are three types of links that you can use on your website and others to target key phrases and importance.

Internal Links

Internal links are links within your website to other pages. This is a way of telling both the user and search engines what is where. it’s a convenient way of showing the website user what is where. If you have a website that has lots of pages, you may find that they can be accessed by you clients easier if you put some internal links. So when we talk about website hosting in Perth, I can link you straight there with my link mentioned before, or if I want to draw attention to you to our SEO Services would be another.

One Way Links

These are great, and I’d say the best for you, as once people link to you one way, they are giving you a big recommendation that you are important about the particular topic that they are linking on. You want lots of “one way links” to your website. In an ideal world, you’d want them to link to you with your key words in the link, so if your business name is “John Smith Plumbing” and you are trying to optimise for “plumber perth” then “plumber perth” would be more important than “John Smith Plumbing“, as you are telling the search engine that go to this particular website for “plumber perth

Reciprocal Links

This is when you link up with another website, and you swap links. This is a great way to get links. This isn’t as powerful as “One way links”, but still very good. It’s the form where your website will have a link on it’s site back to the one that’s linking to you.

Link building is a powerful way of telling the search engines how important your website is. Think of it, when you get a recommendation from someone about a product, and you know that they don’t know each other, you will think it’s great, but if you get a recommendation from someone who knows the person who they are recommending so there is a relationship, then it’s not as powerful (but still important). Yes, this means that search engines monitor who links to who and does a cross reference.