Usage of images rather than text links in SEO

When you are building a website, usage of images rather than text isn’t a terrible thing, you can do it, and is recommended as part of an SEO strategy in your marketing plan.  What the correct thing thing to do though is name your image correctly and also include an ALT tag with each one, this way when Google and other search engines come to your website, they will be able know what the image is about.

You will also find that having listings in Google Images will help with your rankings.  Search Engines can’t read images, they read text, so you need to tell them what you have on your web page.

An incorrect way of naming your image of a horse on a farm is “image001.jpg” what it should be “horse-farm.jpg”. If you also include an ALT tag with the correct words in it “Our horse on the farm” this will also reinforce what the search engine has found.  It’s also web standards to include an ALT tag with each image.

One other aspect of using a proper image name and ALT tag, is that some browsers or people with disabilities who can’t see pictures, their computers will read out what the ALT tag is for an image, informing them that it is a “Our horse on the farm”.

As an exercise go to Google Images or Yahoo Image Search and type in the service or product that you sell and see if you have any results there.

Correct usage of images for links is allowed for SEO.