Web Utilities

File Zilla

  • My favourite FTP program, it’s compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • for uploading of files and pictures to your website

VLC – Media Player

  • This media player plays all video formats, so you no longer have to think about which one to use, which format is better etc..

PICASA – Image Editing

  • Great tool to manage your photos
  • make minor changes and resize your photos
  • create slideshows and galleries easily

Text Wrangler (Mac Only)

  • Text Editor for Mac Environment
  • great took when you want clean text for your website content, it will clean out all the MS Word formatting

Notepad ++

  • Great text editor but for Windows users.
  • does same as Text Wrangler for Mac

Perfect Optimizer

If you use Windows you will experience continual problems with your registry and general running of your machine.  This tool which only works on Windows OS machines will:

  • clean up your registry
  • repair your system
  • back up and restore your system files
  • automatically update your system from Microsoft for security etc
  • protects your computer from worms, activeX, pop ups, viruses