Website Content Writing in Australia

For all of our Australian based clients, we are officially launching our Australian Content Writing Services.

All of our pricing and services are listed on our Content Writer web page and we’ve listed what we have on offer.  The main thing to pick up on is that ALL CONTENT is written in Australia (in Perth), and is all in Australian English. A content writer is also known as a “ghostwriter” / “ghost writer” as the content written for you is on your behalf and we don’t take any credit for it.

Also, all content written is for your users and search engines, so your website is optimised for both key areas.

We don’t write for the masses and don’t intend to either. All of our content is written individually and is unique.  We won’t use article spinning software to give you your web page content. There is a lot of this going on and I need to draw some attention to quality content rather than just content.

Web Content Written can be used in the following 6 areas:

  • Blog writing on-site
  • Blog writing off-site
  • Article writing off site
  • Article writing on site
  • Web page content
  • Company/Product review

What some customers order would be: a main article or web page content (450 words) for their website and then order 5 or more shorter blog posts (200-250 words) that they will use to trickle release to draw attention to the main article.

The usage of other media such as images and video can be made as well, in fact encouraged for each article or blog post. Naturally you can purchase these from stock photography websites or provide your own (which would be better).

Each job requires different amount of work and reviews, so the pricing varies from one level of service to another. Blog writing is most common and requires least amount of work and reviews – in fact customers hardly ever come back and ask for refining.  On the other hand a company review or company profile requires detailed study and reviews so it will take more time.  So a ghost writer doing the hard job for you gives your greater credibility on the web and you can still concentrate on your business.

In addition to this, we’re providing a “Zero Effort” service, where once we’ve had our discussion or email requirements established we can do the uploads and all scheduling for you. So articles or blog entries are uploaded to your website once we formulate a release schedule with you and you don’t have to lift a finger.

You can view our content writing services pricing and details on our dedicated web page for Australian Content Writing Services.  Or you can fill out our Australian Content Writer request form.

PS: Naturally of this website’s content was written by us.