Website Design Packages

Starter – Website Template Development

We have a considerable pool of website designs that we can choose from. These designs are towards the basic side but fulfilling for a starting an on-line business.  Your business website will still have your own colours, logo, photos, graphics and text, but the bulk of the design work is in place already and we would work with what is provided.

These website designs cost $2,500

Website Templates with customisation work

As for above but we would do some customisation to the templates, this may be anything from 5 – 30% of change.

These website design websites start from $3,500

Custom Website Design and Development

These website designs are designed for you individually and will represent your website 100% as per our Web Business Strategy and Online Marketing Plan.  We do not compromise website design or website functionality in any shape of form, we do not make things fit into provided spaces, these websites are custom built for you and your on-line business.

Custom website designs start from $4,500

Product Catalogue Website Design and Development

Some businesses don’t require a shopping cart, but do require a catalogue of available products. We call this sort of a website a “Catalogue Website” and these are ready to move into an eCommerce where the client is ready.

Product Catalogue Websites start from $5,500

eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce website developments vary for each project as there are a number of variables that need to be considered.  As a base an eCommerce website development will start at $6,500

Please note that all of our website designs include our base SEO Package, so your website will be found by Google, Bing and other Search Engines.  We don’t deliver non SEO friendly websites.

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