Website Optimisation in Perth

As a website owner in Australia that is looking for website optimisation, Perth offers a select group of professionals that can provide the services you need that will maximise your results online. As a website owner, one of the most important items to consider when running a professionally designed website is whether your web presence has been optimised to its fullest potential. This is a very important step when it comes to driving the right type of traffic to your website.

Many businesses have learned the hard way that it is not just a matter of putting useful content on a landing page, and expecting your visitor count to progress from there. There are many different items to consider for proper website optimisation. Below you will find the most powerful website optimisation solutions that are used by select professional web designers such as Good Good where these solutions are implemented in order to create visibility, awareness, and traffic that is relevant to the products and services your website provides.

Utilising short and long-tail keywords

This is where many website owners get in a bind because they don’t understand the importance of choosing the correct keywords for the products and services they provide. You see – if you are providing a service that many other people provide and everyone is using the same keywords, chances are there is a lot of competition which will make it harder to rank well in a short period of time.

For example – if you sell bikes you already know that ‘bikes’ will be a very popular keyword, and as a result many different sites are trying to rank for this word. The key is to use long-tail words such as ‘Bikes Perth’ or ‘Mountain Bikes Australia’ these are words that are also used by searchers, but instead of people trying to rank for these they stay focused on a keyword that is extremely hard to rank for. Professional SEO Consultants understand this process and they use many of these techniques which will allow your site to rank high and attract visitors.

Establishing a local presence

This is an area that shouldn’t be overlooked for the simple fact that the best exposure starts right at home. It is extremely important to get listed in all your local article directories, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Google Places to name the most common ones. The most important aspect of this process is visibility, because the more people see your site name, products, and service, you will establish a perfect local platform in which to grow from. When submitting information to directories, and creating business descriptions, always use the same keywords ‘short or long’ to insure everything is completely optimised to drive traffic back to your site.

Try not to clutter your landing page with irrelevant information

The last thing visitors want to see when arriving at your website is information that has nothing to do with their search. This will drive more traffic away from your site and in many cases that traffic will never return. A professional web designer is fully aware of this technique and will make you aware that a step in the wrong direction here could cause a chain reaction and prevent your site from becoming popular. Always provide relevant content for your visitors; if your site is about ‘Bikes’, provide informational and educational content, products, and services about bikes. If a site is about bikes and begins talking about gardening or how to build a deck, visitors may take this the wrong way and leave, never to return.

Understanding website search engine optimisation in Perth (SEO) will help the website owner to maximise their opportunities to rank higher in search engines because their web presence has been fully optimised. The solutions listed above are only some of the tools that a professional SEO Consultant uses in order to properly optimise your online presence. In order to take full advantage of all the solutions and techniques available, please contact us.