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wedding celebrant in Perth

Website URL:

CMS: WordPress (naturally)


Brad’s website is optimised for various key phrases and mainly for “wedding celebrant perth”. I won’t discuss the overall SEO strategy as that’s confidential for each client, but Brad is one of Perth’s busiests and reputable wedding celebrants in Perth and relies on his website heavily.

Both organic SEO as well as Google Places has been established.

About the WordPress Website:

Fully featured to be up-to-date at all time, Brad has full access to his content and the management of posts/news.  Being busy all the time means that Brad has lots of new content each week, so management and display of the posts is critical. The home page is always current with running top 5 posts with pictures.

Key Website Features:

Some of the key website features include:

  • Home page running blog – 5 posts
  • Sliding feature posts on home page
  • focus areas for wedding ceremony locations
  • 2 tier menu
  • Photo gallery
  • Social media integration
  • Extensive search
  • Recent news in sidebar – 10 items

About Brad Whitelock:

Brad Whitelock is Wedding Celebrant in Perth and has his website optimised by Good Good On Line Marketing.  He has been consistently in #1 for “wedding celebrant perth” and other related key phrases.

It’s worth nothing that Brad works as a Wedding Celebrant full time in Perth. His devotion to his clients is one of the best in Perth and once you’ve met him you will understand.  So how do we get Brad in front of potential brides in Perth?  We optimised his website utilising SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and now he is very busy.

It’s worth noting that Brad’s website was developed by Good Good – web design company in Perth, and all his SEO is done by us also.

Website Hosting:

In Perth by Good Good.  Majority of Brad’s clients are in Perth. Keeping it local.