What is Website Flipping?

Website Flipping is the process of buying a website, improving it and selling it for a profit.  It doesn’t get any more complex than this.  This term “Flipping” comes from the real estate industry where the purchase of a property is made, improvements are made and then resold.  The same process can happen in the digital / web sphere, where it’s done with a website, except you are flipping a website not a house.

Website Flipping can also be done with your own domain and websites that you’ve just purchased, converted them to a commercial purpose and sold on. The process is simple:

  1. Buy an existing website
  2. Make some improvements to the website
  3. Sell the website for profit


what is website flipping

Done correctly Website Flipping may be very profitable and some people make it their business to do this.

Once you’ve done your first Website Flip, you will want to flip out and do it again. What you are doing is helping the next person get started, who knows they may want to flip what they got from you, or simply use the site for their business.  What was done to the website may have included:

  • Add in new content
  • Add in new Videos (YouTube or Vimeo etc)
  • Add in new menu items
  • Added in more pages
  • Improved functionality
  • Added more graphics
  • Upgraded the CMS
  • Added in new plug ins/ widgets
  • Set up some products to sell ie. Click Bank or e-Junkie etc.

So in short, you are adding value back into the site.  You can take as long as you like, or spend a week on it and push it back out there to be sold again quickly – who knows maybe it’s a hot topic website ie when a new product is released.