WordPress Themes / WordPress Templates

There are a lot of WordPress themes / WordPress templates websites out there.  Naturally some are better than others.

Premium WordPress Themes that we recommend are ones that you need to pay for (premium ones).  You know that there will be support from the company that developed them and they have vested interests to ensure that the theme (template) works all the time.  Without being negative, there are a lot of “free WordPress Themes” out there, but they may have some of these limitations:

  • have designer code in them, with links to other sites
  • links that you don’t see
  • malicious code
  • you can’t use it for commercial purpose
  • not 100% compatible with the current WordPress version

Some great Premium WordPress Themes can be purchased for your business from the following websites:

Good Good selected Premium WordPress Themes

premium wordpress templates, woo themes

Woo Themes – Premium WordPress Themes

Without a doubt Woo Themes are one of the most popular Premium Wordress Themes available.  With a wide selection of options from their templates offered, right through to some fancy animations.

Templatic – WordPress premium themes

elegant themes wordpress premium templates

Elegant Themes – WordPress premium templates

Elegant Themes are targeted more towards the blogger out there.  Great simple premium wordpress themes.

solostream, wordpress themes

Solostream – WordPress Premium Themes

Solostream, one of our favourites to use. A premium wordpress theme that has many options through their control panel.  Their premium WordPress theme is widely used by professional web designers.

Page Lines - WordPress Themes

Page Lines – WordPress Themes, templates for wordpress

PageLines are the same as Solostream for us, widely used and very reliable fast premium wordpress theme. Great options in their control panel to make your wordpress website look different.

Beatheme WordPress Themes

Beatheme – WordPress Premium Themes

Graph Paper Press WordPress Themes

Graph Paper Press Themes

Standard Theme SEO WordPress Theme

Standard Theme – SEO WordPress Theme

these shift, premium wordpress themes

Themeshift – WordPress premium theme

Kadom WordPress Theme

Kadom – Premium WordPress Theme

Kadom has  a selection of Premium WordPress Themes available for purchase.

Theme Forest, wordpress themes

Theme Forest – WordPress Themes

Themeforest is a website offering premium wordpress themes as well as graphics and other sources of digital content.  It’s a great website to view for all your graphics as well.

Click here to visit Clover Themes.

Please note that all of these themes are available to purchase through their respective websites. We can install and set up all of them, or if you have any queries about extending any of these or configuration queries, we are here to assist you.

Although going through all or most of the selections above, your selection should be based on functionality first and foremost. Please ensure you know what you’d like your website to do. A simple approach of “just a website for my company” isn’t what it’s all about.  You need to consider:

  • where your page objects
  • Where your key messages are
  • what the website users do
  • can the user see the information that you’d like them to
  • can this template fulfil your future requirements
  • how much flexibility you require for your website
  • who will maintain the content
  • where you menu will be
  • is one menu enough
  • what type of menu should you have (single or multiple tears)

As you can see, this si only a small selection of the decision that need to be made before you decide on a template.